Mar 1, 2016

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Forthcoming Book – Umsamo R...

Forthcoming Book – Umsamo – Idwala Laphakade

Umsamo is proud to announce our new forthcoming book, titled Umsamo –...

Jan 22, 2016

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Our SMS Line

Our SMS Line

Our new SMS line is now open and operational. If you would like to make urgent...

Jul 8, 2015

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The School of EMlambomunye

The School of EMlambomunye

Isigodlo SaseMlambomunye  (The School of EMlambomunye) IsiGodlo...

May 22, 2015

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Defining Umsamo

Defining Umsamo

‘UMSAMO’ An African Universal Wisdom, Spirit and Knowledge Defining...

May 12, 2015

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Africa’s Two Worlds of Healing : The...

Africa’s Two Worlds of Healing : Their Challenges

Introduction The Western medical healing originated from Africa, from the Nile...