Jul 8, 2015

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The School of EMlambomunye

The School of EMlambomunye

alIsigodlo SaseMlambomunye  (The School of EMlambomunye)

IsiGodlo SaseMlambomunye, (School of uMlambomunye) is under Umsamo Institute and South African Healers Association. This School (Isigodlo) is mainly for African Healing, Counseling and advice on African and Traditional Wisdom and Values.

We are a school (isigodlo) that works through Dreams and Visions ( Amaphupho nemibono). All what we do we open up for your  Ithongo/Idlozi (Ancestors) to communicate with you once you have been with us and have done what was required during the Ukuhlola process.

For all the services we offer go to www.umsamo.org.za and visit Services.

Locations of our Isigodlo (School)

We are just 19 km outside Pietermaritzburg towards Greytown. Whether from Durban or Johannesburg when you approach Pietermaritzburg City take the road that will leads you to Greytown Road. You will drive on that road until you see   Wartburg/Tongaat Road sign and pass that, the next road sign will be Albert Falls Dam and D73. Take D73 which is a gravel road and you will be driving facing the East. Drive until you see Valley Farm on your left just opposite will be Umlambomunye, with Thatched huts.

Working Days and Times

Mondays-Wednesday: Closed

Weekdays:         Tuesday-Friday 07h00 till 13h00

Weekends:         Saturdays:           06h30-16h00

Sundays:              06h30-15h00.

Holidays:            Like Sunday.(Except Easters and Christmas)


R300 (Family)
R100(per individual)

The consultation (Ukuhlola) fee is R100. All other fees come up once consultation process (Ukuhlola), been done, the core of the problem has been determined and what sort of healing is needed.

Always call and arrange Tel 033-5691317 between 07h00 – 17h00. (no calls will accepted  after 17h00)

We do not accept any Electronic communication i.e. Cellular, Emails etc unless you have been with us we can communicate with emails only.

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