Beyond Academic Reality

Dr Velaphi Victor Mkhize, who is the second son of Ntombencane’s three sons, was initiated into unified-life and spiritual madness (ukuthwasa) on the 26th January 2006. He entered the process of initiation of the spiritual-soul (intwaso) in 2003. He suffered, surrendered and became unified in 2006. He is currently a Spiritualist, and a Seer – a Zulu ‘uhlanya’

His gift and honour of initiation (isipho sokuthwasa) is that of ‘umndawo’ and ‘abalozi’

In his healing he uses Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Technologies and Ancestral Wisdom. He is currently busy with the Book: “… the Hands of the Ancestors –from Velaphi to Bhedl’indaba” where he is detailing the whole story on this experience.

Umsamo African Institute is a result of such an Ancestral Call which was given in a dream.

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