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Iziko Paradigm

Societal Spiritual Services

1. Youth Workshops

  • Value of the Ancestors
  • African Indigenous Wisdom Debates

2. Cultural Traditions

  • Traditional Practices e.g. Lobola, Slaughtering
  • Cultural Rituals and the meaning
  • Processes of Ancestralisation.

3. Umsamo® and Religion

  • The interpretation and Understanding
  • Relationship between Western Religions and African Religions
  • From Ubuntu to Umsamo®.
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Ezomuzi Paradigm

Corporate Spiritual Services (Ezomuzi)

1. Umsamo Philosophy:

  • Definition of Umsamo
  • Principles and values of Umsamo
  • Business values and applications of Umsamo
  • Universal Practices of Umsamo

2. Management and Leadership

  • Umsamo and management
  • Principles of Umsamo and Leadership
  • Management Ethics within Umsamo Philosophy
  • Umsamo FOUR Pillars in Business Management

3. African Leadership and Umsamo

  • Ancestral Wisdom in African Leadership
  • Ancestral Collective Thinking Philosophy in Leadership
  • The Spirit of Totality under umsamo Philosophy
  • People leadership under Umsamo

4. Umsamo Principles in daily Business Management

  • The Spirit of creating
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Meaning