Umsamo as an Emancipatory Philosophy

Some people think that ancestral respect is like trying to fill water into a leaking bucket. Or putting sand into a deep and dark endless hole that will never get full. That is what people have been told about their ancestors. Unbelievable!  Told, that to talk and enjoy food with your ancestors is not just a sin, but a dangerous burden that never ends. Many people are told horror stories about ancestors so much that they simply run away from it all.

Or so they think!  That to simply buzz off is the solution. Well, all those who paddle horror stories are real fear mongers.

For almost 15 years now, I have spoken about the concept of Umsamo in South Africa and beyond. Umsamo is a philosophical quest for holistic self-affirmation and self-awareness.

This  is an African emancipatory philosophy that gives you power to make a conscious return to your essence. To the songs and maps of your soul.  

Umsamo is a walk back to the umbilical cord of your spiritual well-being.

So you embrace that warm place in which your inner peace resides.

You are the one who first gets in tune with the healing coordinates for your holistic peace and enduring wellness.

It is a university of the soul, where one finds the inner nature of him/herself and of surrounding nature. By understanding its mystery  one perceives  his intimate relationship  with divinity and strives  through self-discipline  and devotion to become at one with his/her inner god or spirit.

Nobody can do that for you. Another person can simply guide. That’s all.

At Umsamo, we seek to re-ignite your innate sense of healing fire. What really matters to you spiritually. Not an imposition or an imagined redemption script.

Towards a life that free from conflict, dark shades and the worship of materialism. Umsamo rewires you to be fully in charge. It is love as a freedom song for your mind, body and soul.  Umsamo helps you conquer fear and the burdens of spiritual bullying.