Umsamo Educational Seminar

The beginning of 2020 saw Umsamo Institute embark on a new journey of informative and educational seminars for members of our community to attend. The time spent with Dr. Mkhize included a lecture with presentation and conclude with
an extensive question and answer session at the end

September of 2019

our seminar was hosted at the University of the Witwatersrand at the School of Public Health auditorium. The following concepts were covered:

Building Umsamo Surnames, lineage and ancestry Ukuzalwa wembethe and how to correct this Dreams, visions and ukupahla

Books written by Dr. Mkhize were on sale and the day was concluded with a buffet lunch which was prepared by Umsamo Cuisine. Umsamo intends to continue with these interactive and educational seminars. Education leads to empowerment
of individuals. Umsamo Institute has also made a commitment to the development of more English content and education for all to benefit

Siyabonga Mkhize


Umsamo institute // DIRECTOR

Siyabonga Mkhize

In response to the National Lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic, Umsamo institute and Siyabonga Mkhize, have launched a new online educational programme on African culture and Spirituality. These live sessions take place weekly with
the intention of educating and engaging members of our community on social media

The live sessions are delivered in a lecture format accompanied by a powerpoint presentation and appropriate illustrations. The greater proportion of our content is only available in isiZulu and this presented a great language barrier
for those who could not understand the language but were in need of the knowledge and wisdom.

As part of an ongoing commitment to develop more English content, the education is articulated in English to accommodate people of all ethnic groups and races. The nature of the topics was contemporary and most prevalent in society.
Over 12 weeks, part 1 of this lecture series was delivered. After the 12 weeks of education two questions and answer sessions were held to address any areas of concerns that were outstanding. These were the topics:

The fundamentals of African Spirituality Surnames and Identity Part 1 Assisted conception and African Spirituality Surnames and Identity Part 2 Twins (Amakhosi) and the Duality of Imimoya Ukuzalwa Wembethe: its meaning and rituals
African Culture & God – The formation of our Spirituality Understanding Sex, Gender and Sexuality from an African Spiritual perspective Spiritual Significance of Rituals – Imbeleko, Umhlonyane and Umemulo (Part 1) Spiritual Significance
of Rituals – Imbeleko, Umhlonyane and Umemulo (Part 2) Love and relationships founded on African Spirituality Lobolo, Marriage and Polygamy

Umsamo Host UKZN Delegation

Part of the agreement between Umsamo Institute and the University of Kwa Zulu Natal, is to provide an external on-site teaching facility to Humanities students who will be studying and conducting research in the field if indigenous

African Healing. On this day, a delegation consisting of 150 students and 6 academic staff all accompanied by Humanities Faculty Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Nhlanhla Mkhize.

The day was filled with learning and demonstration of spiritual cleansing with the available water falls of Albert Falls Dam in Pietermaritzburg. The delegation was educated on various healing procedures, herbs and medicines involved

as well as protocol observed at our healing facilities.

We welcome the opportunity to host more teaching moments of similar nature with a variety of students who may be outside the Faculty of Humanities


Umsamo institute

Signs MOU with UKZN

As of 2019 Umsamo Institute and Isigodlo saseMlambomunye (School of African Indigenous Science), have entered into a formal Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Kwa- Zulu Natal. The purpose of this agreement is to foster learning, research and publication in the area of indigenous healing and medicine with Umsamo providing an external teaching facility to UKZN.


The University of Kwa Zulu Natal and Umsamo Institute have a long and rich history with Dr. Mkhize having served as an honourary lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities, School of Classics, Theology and Religious studies. The Faculty
of Humanities Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Nhanhla Mkhize, recognized the potential for Umsamo Institute to add value to the syllabus ad research output to the University

Black Reconciliation Celebration with Zinzi Mandela Foundation

In September of 2019 Dr. Mkhize was invited to be deliver a Keynote address at the Africa Day celebration organized by the Zinzi Mandela Foundation. The topic of the day was black reconciliation in Africa to overcome xenophobia, Afrophobia
and discrimination against foreign Nationals. Dr. Mkhize was accompanied by some members of his staff and initiates on the day.

Dr. Mkhize delivered a heartfelt speech on the need to foster the principles and wisdom of African spirituality amongst ourselves. His speech drove home the message that Umsamo of the continent of Africa cannot thrive while we continue
to oppress our fellow African brothers and Sisters. He called that we protect our values and principles which have not only been taught to us but have been inherited.

The highlight of the day was the speech delivered by Mangosuthu Buthelezi who reflected on the history of confrontations between the ANC and the IFP, concluding his speech with the hopes that peace in his time can be found between
the two parties.


On Monday the 23rd of September 2019, Dr. VVO Mkhize was invited to officiate the Afrikan New Year Celebration – a partnership between the Zindzi Mandela Foundation and the Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDRA) in University of South
Africa (College of Law, UNISA). 

The focus of this event was to address black reconciliation in light of the crisis of division amongst the black population of Africa. At the UNISA the following distinguished guest were present: Mkhulu Nsingiza (Chair of the Foundation), Chief Mangosotho Buthelezi (Inkata Freedom Party), David Letsoalo (Acting Head of IDRA as well as the Umsamo Institute team of
Mathebetha, Makhosi Msweli, Makhosi Thobeka and Makhosi Dlamini.

The nature of this event was focused black reconciliation and what it would take for us to realise the dream of the independent countries that met in 1963, had in mind, a united Africa. Dr. Mkhize gave an impressive address on African culture and the need for successful integration of its principles into to contemporary society. 

This was followed by a heartfelt speech given by Chief Buthelezi who hinted at the need for peace and reconciliation to occur between the African National Congress (ANC) and IFP. Thokoza Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

UkhoziFM Celebrating #8Million Viewers and Listeners

The New Book from: Umsamo Institute.

After years in the field, the brilliant Zulu poet, philologist, public intellectual, renowned

former broadcaster, and Traditional Healer (Uhlanya) rooted in Zulu African epistemic

ways of being and belonging, Bhedlindaba “VVO” kaLuphuzi Mkhize talks about what

it means to be a Healer in African Beliefs, Spirits, Roots, and Routes. Mkhize reads the

Black condition with the big heartedness of a relentless humanist. He shares knowledge

to engender people’s self-worth as well as the ethics of care and collegiality in an age-

old tradition of holistic health and joy hood. This timely book is a marvel to read.