Tradition, Culture and Rituals


Every stage of our lives is ritualised. Our personal, communal, national growth and development are marked by some ritual of some sort or another. These rituals are coupled with the understanding of our Tradition (imikhuba) , Culture (amasiko) and the understanding of our ancestors’ messages (imibiko yamathongo). It is critical and important that we fully understand and know these traditions, cultures, rituals and ancestral messages – how they are performed and done. These events and their respective rituals need to be brought to the knowledge of our children and community as a whole. We are to teach our community more about the African culture (way of life): Ritual’s, ceremonies, prayer formuli, spiritual and moral precepts and other aspects of life that are essential.

Umsamo African Institute offers in depth information on the understanding of: customs, spiritual values, moral norms, rituals, African wisdom, ancestral needs, Umsamo management, ancestoral messages (imibono) as pillars, or landmarks in our existence that accord us spiritual fulfilment, assurance and satisfaction in our lives.