Forthcoming Book – Umsamo NoDengezi

About This Forthcoming Book

Hey, have you ever thought that you are Mind, Body and Spirit? Spirit is the energizing force that identifies and sustain your personal existence, in each time and in between. Within that endless scope, spirit gives identity and meaning to your evolving being uniquely different from that of all other. “Spirit” is the person formerly living in a body and now living in an on-physical body or “vehicle” in “the Next World” also called the Spirit World. In one way or another we have to be in constant communication with these Spirits.

The Question is How and When?
This book: Umsamo NoDengezi (Ukukhuluma Nokuxhumana Nemimoya Yabalele) is all about answering these Questions. Start ordering yours now at your nearest Bookshop.

Launching Date: 21 March 2017.
ICC: Durban (KZN)

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