Umsamo Nemfihlo Yezimfundiso ZikaJesu (Umsamo and  the Secretes in The Teachings of Jesus Christ ) is a bold and ground-breaking book. It affirms what is generally known as a lived experience – the spiritual belonging of most Africans in dual worlds – that of ancestral veneration, and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Since navigating between these two streams of belief systems continues to this day, it is highly commendable that Dr Velaphi Victor “VVO” (Bhedlindaba) Mkhize, a renowned South African Spiritual Healer and Philologist has written this book. 

Umsamo Nemfihlo Yezimfundiso ZikaJesu is a meditation on the meaning/s of being an African today, especially the quest to attain wholistic spiritual centredness in a world that puts immense demands on individuals to succeed and win against all odds. It tackles the deep mysteries, questions and answers that the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as well as those of our ancestors epitomise on earth today.

Written in accessible everyday Zulu, this book is a haunting work of great power. It opens a remarkable conversation on the idea that African indigenous belief systems of spirituality and Christianity, can co-exist, and in the process bring peace and spiritual centredness to individuals, families, communities and broader society.


Ultimately, this book seeks to help us to be better human beings, and to realise the centrality of peace and harmony with both the living and the dead.  It is a quest for the blessings of longevity and fruitfulness in our lifetime.




  Umsamo: Iziko Lamathongo



Drawing on a range of personal experiences and the rich archives of African collective knowledge systems, the book is a dynamic introduction into certain rituals and customs that can help people attain lasting social and spiritual balance in their lives. The book enables the reader to have a better understanding of how to partake in the deeper meanings of life by keeping his or her spiritual centre, umsamo, clean and life-giving. In this spiritual ecosystem, God with and through the ancestors in a cyclic and dynamic movement of mutual co-existence and cooperation in which the living are beneficiaries. The book has sold over 150 000 units since its first publication. 




  Umsamo: izibi Zezala


In the past, most Africans used to have a dumping site in which they periodically burned or buried waste, known as izala in Zulu. At a deeper level, izala is also where a family’s dirt and burdens are thrown away, in the hope that the act of throwing away is a form of cleansing.  Finally, the book flips the script on the meaning of izala, and suggests that it is where, because of colonialism, Africans were forced to throw their precious customs and rituals, thereby weakening their holistic balance and lasting inner peace.  

 Forthcoming Book – Umsamo NoDengezi – Umsamo Institute


   Umsamo: Nodengezi


This is a practical guide to help people navigate their way around carrying out critical rituals and customs that help make ancestors a real presence in their lives.  It is a sequel to Umsamo: Iziko Lamathongo and Umsamo: Izibi Zezala


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   Umsamo: idwala Laphakade


A collection of columns Dr Victor Velaphi Mkhize has published in the popular Zulu weekly since 2008. Major themes include our connection to our ancestors, holistic healing and how engendering respect for God and ancestors in our lives make individuals and families prosper and live peacefully. 


    Umsamo: Ubizo Nokwelapha Kwendabuko


Nowadays the sacred calling known as ukuthwasa has become a free-for-all as charlatans of all sorts dupe unsuspecting people to prematurely embark on this special vocation. This book provides critical insights on how best to guard against being taken for a ride and locates ukuthwasa   in the ancient African traditions of healing as a deeper commitment to striving for clean and accountable living. Highly recommended for early entrants into the calling and those who may have been wrongly advised to take on this arduous journey for nefarious reasons. 


   Umsamo: Izolo Nakuthangi


This is a collection of talks Dr VVO Mkhize has for the past five years presented on South Africa’s leading radio station Ukhozi FM. The station is among the biggest on the planet, the largest in Africa and as of October 2021, boasts a listenership of 8 million.

Publications – Umsamo Institute


 Imfihlo Yomsamo nezinkolo zomhlaba


This book is an introductory survey of the world’s major religions and belief systems. It is a conversational study on the global impact of religions such as Christianity and the Moslem faith in parts of Africa. The book asks how these religions attain relevance in black people’s lives today, and where is the potential for abuse and confusion.

Umsamo Amathongo Nemithetho Elishumi Ka Nkulunkulu - YouTube

    Umsamo:  Amathongo nemithetho elishumi kaNkulunkulu  



The author revisits the Ten Commandments God is said to have given to Moses of ancient times. The quest is to unpack their timeless relevance of these commandments for humanity to this day. Could the concept of umsamo be another way of making these commandments come alive and meaningful in our daily lives?   


    Umsamo: Ingono Nenkaba


Most readers are loving this book a lot, possibly because it is very conversational and written as short and accessible essays. It is based Dr Victor Velaphi’s columns in Isolezwe newspaper and his talks on Ukhozi FM between 2018 and 2020. Topics include aspects on African traditions, spiritually and rituals in contemporary times.





Ancestral Spiritual Publications


  • Imfihlo Yomsamo : Nezinkolo Zomhlaba
  • Umsamo: The New African Business Literacy
  • Umsamo: Iziko La Mathongo
  • Personal Growth African Style (Co-authored with Nussbaum and Sudhanshu)
  • Umsamo: Amathongo nemithetho elishumi kaNkulunkulu
  • Umsamo: Idwala Laphakade (Izolo Nakuthangi)
  • Umsamo: Nodengezi
  • Umsamo: Iziko Lamathongo
  • Umsamo: Nezibi Zezala
  • Umsamo: Ubizo Nokwelapha Kwendabhuko
  • Umsamo: Ingono Nenkaba
  • Umsamo: Nouthangi Nayizolo
  • Umsamo: Idwala Laphakade(Izolo Nokuthangi)
  • Umsamo: Izimfundiso ZikaJesu


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New Book – Umsamo NoDengezi (Ukukhuluma Nokuxhumana Nemimoya Yabalele)

Hey, have you ever thought that you are Mind, Body and Spirit? Spirit is the energizing force that identifies and sustain your personal existence, in each time and in between. Within that endless scope, spirit gives identity and meaning to your evolving being uniquely different from that of all other. “Spirit” is the person formerly living in a body and now living in an on-physical body or “vehicle” in “the Next World” also called the Spirit World. In one way or another we have to be in constant communication with these Spirits.

The Question is How and When?
This book: Umsamo NoDengezi (Ukukhuluma Nokuxhumana Nemimoya Yabalele) is all about answering these Questions. Start ordering yours now at your nearest Bookshop.

Launching Date: 21 March 2017.
ICC: Durban (KZN)


2021 Umsamo Izimfundiso ZikaJesu


This book is about the analysis of Jesu Christ’s teachings taken from the Four Gospels, Mathew , Luke, John and Mark and also THOMAS Dydimus who was one of his Disciples.


I am looking at this in the  context of Umsamo Philosophy, which is Connectedness and interconnectedness. The question is:  are we really doing and following Jesus Christ’s Teachings in  all our daily  living or is  it just a Mockery or Show off?