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Dr. Velaphi ‘Bhedlindaba’ VVO Mkhize (PhD) is an initiated man and a gifted (Abalozi), and Spiritualist from the Zulu nation of Kwa-Zulu-Natal in South Africa. He is an incredible teacher of Umsamo, visionary and healer. He is an Honorary Lecturer at a reputable African University- of Kwa-Zulu Natal- KZN – South Africa.  In his African Language Velaphi means ‘where do you come from’ and Bhedlindaba means ‘keep on persuading the story’.

(i)                 Ancestral Calling

Ancestral Calling  is a problem to many people. What makes it complicated is the fact that there is not much research that has been done on how it happens and how it affects an individual. Even if we may want to conduct such research for the purposes of understanding, it will be very difficult as such calls differ from individual to individual.

But even though, there are occurrences which may be taken as common from person to person. Dr. Bhedlindaba Velaphi Mkhize has tried to combine his experiences on what happened to him when such a call attacked him and also the research he did from other Healers on how they were called: All that resulted in the writing of his book: Umsamo Nomhlahlo Wezangoma.

Dr. Bhedlindaba  Mkhize in all his work since he was INITIATED (WATHWASA) has been trying to set out a grammar for the interaction between the Human world, the world beyond us or the ancestral world  (whatever that may be, and however much or little we may be able to say about it). But still he has also tried to understand how these two worlds exist in relation to the Physical Universe.

His healing is done through the Philosophy of Umsamo which he describe as Holistic in terms of  the Body , Mind, and the Spirit (Soul), at his  isigodlo (Initiation Kraal) – UMLAMBOMUNYE – in Pietermaritzburg  (KZN Province –SA) where he assist all people who are suffering from Ancestral Calls.

He has to date initiated more than 25 AMATHWASA now working on their own others still under ancestral training.

(ii)               Ukuthwasisa

He mainly deals with ISINDAWE which has the UMNONO spirit which results to ABALOZI. His processes are based on making your IDLOZI (Ancestor) talk on his/her own rather than be told by him (Dr.Mkhize) what to do. Once cleansed the idlozi will talk on his/her own to you through dreams and visions. Hence he is sometimes called Inyanga yama phupho nemibono (The healer of dreams and visions)

(iii)             Public Lectures

Dr. Mkhize well-known as V.V.O. from his 12 years Radio Career, is frequently invited to various Conferences, Schools, Churches , Academic Institutions, Radio, Television  and Corporates/Organizations  both national and international to share his knowledge on Ancestral Wisdom and the secret ways in which ancestors communicate with us. He has and still travels intensively talking to people on African Traditions, Values, Connectivity and Humanism. He is a Columnist in the iSolezwe, a daily Zulu Newspaper in South Africa, which enjoys a readership of more than 2.7 million.

He is an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN) in KZN – South Africa, in the School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics.

(iv)             International and Local Appearances

He does both International and Local appearances based on requests.  In all these occasions he addresses people on African Ancestral Wisdom, Heritage, Healing and Religion.

(v)               Workshops and Training

Dr. Mkhize also devotes his time conducting intensive workshops and training. He teaches the African Values, ancestral wisdom and also how to behave yourself in acceptable community manner. Now standing at the threshold between worlds, realities and mind-sets, he lives his purpose and creates a bridge between the world of his people and the Global world.

(vi)             African Healing

He is a healer and has healed may people suffering from various problems. His healing is basically on:

(a)   Cleansing – Making your ancestors be able to communicate with you through dreams and Visions (Imibono)

(b)   Ancestral Identification


Assist in the identification of ‘that ancestor’ which is looking after you and provides value to your life and how to look after that person.  A name of that person is also spelt out

(c)    Ukuthwasisa – He does initiation as mentioned above

(d)   Ukuhlola ( African Consultation) – Personal consultation-before he performs any healing,  first checks and see what is the core of the problem and thereafter can advise what needs to be done.

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