Consultation Schedule 2020

Appointments Only


we do not like turning people away, owing to a number of factors and of late, the Covid-19 health regulations, it is advisable to first call and ensure that you are included in the day’s client register.  

Please call to make an appointment at: Tel 087 110 0555 between 08h00 – 17h00. No calls are accepted after 17h00.

No appointments are made through SMS, WhatsApp and emails. Exceptions may only apply in the case of regular clients, based on certain applicable critical considerations.  

In line with the resurgence of intellectual and academic interest in decolonial studies, many centres or units broadly pursuing African studies, have begun to gain prominence at universities in parts of Africa and the world. Umsamo African Institute is determined to espouse an unapologetically African way of life and philosophical ethos. part of a Dream that came to the founder three years ago. It is a dynamic institution whose birth and growth are a result of a dream that was gifted to the founder by his ancestors. Umsamo’s birthing and evolution, continue to be guided by strict adherence to African ancestral rituals and is therefore a site of sacred practices and many modes of respect and indebtedness to the ancient spirits of Africa. initiation to be finalized.

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