The African Calendar

The African Calendar Year in the Zulu Culture is divided into Four Seasons: namely

  • Spring (Intwasahlobo)
  • Summer (Ihlobo)
  • Autumn (Ikwindla)
  • Winter (Ubusika)

These seasons are very important in the management of Umsamo and how people relate to their Ancestors. This arrangement is based on the understanding of various flowers, vegetables, when do they start giving out flowers and also losing their greenness. Secondly, the Zulu old people used to look at the moon (inyanga) when does it gets full to a stage of being a full moon. So the yearly months are all named after these events which happen at that particular time. The year in the Zulu Tradition starts in August and ends in July. These months are named as follows :  

Time In the ZULU Tradition

This was also based on the events as they happened during the day and at night: These times we noticed and named by looking at the Moon, Stars the son etc.

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